Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Testimonial - CRM works 24 / 7 keeping MLOs in front of Clients - Another example how SEM helps MLOs get more loans

Email 8/12/2014

Cal,   I want to share with you that our CRM is working.   I closed the (omitted) loan 3 years ago and Steve (omitted) received a birthday card from me recently ( thanks to the CRM team ).   I have had no contact with him since their closing and he and his wife are now buying a lake house.   He called me yesterday and said because he received the b-day card  he remembered me and what a great job Southeast did on their refinance 3 years ago.   Long story short is he is bringing his docs to me today for a 250k lake house loan.  

Thank you Cal for providing this great service.


John Young

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