Monday, March 26, 2018

1993 - 2018 "25 Years"

With 2018, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. celebrates its 25th anniversary serving the Trust of its Clients and Referral Partners.

From 2 people to 200+, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. has grown one client at a time and one certification at a time.  Today we are the largest Non-Bank Mortgage Lender in Georgia and are proudly growing our footprint in Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, and Mississippi. 

Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc., SEM, is a Georgia Corporation owned by 32 Shareholders.  Our Shareholders along with our Fantastic Employees have grown SEM to the strong dynamic company it is today.
2018 Southeast Mortgage Officers

“I could not be more proud of what our team has accomplished and their loyalty to a common belief.  Their belief and dedication has expanded our Shareholder list with future Shareholders making a difference every day.  We have created a safe performance based workplace that provides a path to retirement, ownership, and financial security for our whole Team.  Hard to believe its been 25 years!  I have enjoyed every day of it. 
With GooRu and the innovative partner initiatives being launched, Southeast Mortgage has evolved to the Future for client experience and ability to drive buyers to our Referral Partner's projects.  I am simply in awe of our amazingly talented Team” 
Cal Haupt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. 

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