Friday, May 19, 2017

Fake News is a Path Best Avoided

In my opinion, the truth is always the righteous path to good works.  History has proven that "green eyed monsters" orchestrate stratagems but the smoke always clears uncovering their true intent before it has any tangible effect.

Recruiters probably have one of the toughest occupations in our industry.  They are on the phone all day talking to hundreds of people trying to differentiate one company from the others.  In our business if you exist after 2009, you are probably doing a few things right.

Very few good Originators leave because of a company, they leave to fill a void or a need not being met.  The void could be a breach of trust, health care coverage, pay, an argument, the list is long.  The need not being met by their current company is what recruiters should focus on and like a good originator they just have to uncover the need not being met to close the deal.
Text to an MLO at SEM
The problem with “Fake News” is it eventually makes the person creating it unbelievable and their ability to recruit tougher.  I am sure everyone knows some of the characters in our industry that make outrageous fake statements.  As the target of many “fake statements” over the past 24 years, I learned that “fake statement” purveyors always attack your strengths.

If someone says you are running out of money and you will be out of business next week, you probably bank mid-8 figures in reserves.  If someone says you are a crook, you are probably a trusted fiduciary.  If someone says you are a bully, you probably care deeply about your team’s welfare and protect their livelihood and families from deceptive practices.
History has proven it is always good to be talked about whether good or bad.  If it’s good and truthful the world is working the way it should and good deeds are appreciated, if it’s bad assume the reverse.

I encourage everyone in our small industry to take the high ground and recruit based on need.  Need based selling is more effective with clients and recruits.  It is the righteous sustainable way to effectively accomplish your goals.

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