Monday, October 22, 2018

Shareholders at Southeast Mortgage

"Shareholders at Southeast Mortgage are Quantitative Producers in both Sales and Operations, Loyal Teammates, and those who inspire us to be the best.  Taking care of our team during their work years and after is our fiduciary responsibility.  At the end of the day, I work for 34 of the best bosses a Chairman can have!"  Cal Haupt, Chairman and CEO, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. Phone: 770-279-0222

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Reality of what is happening in the Economy Today - October 21, 2018

View the Economy this way.  
Does a boat run just as fast when its high tide as low tide?

The answer is yes if you pay attention and steer your boat watching your mapping and depth instruments with an experienced eye.  Like the tides, the Economy is Relative and steering is required no matter how big you think your boat is or how fast.  Without the medium in which a boat operates (water) and the medium a Mortgage Company Operates (Sustained Operating Capital) both can run a ground.  

Experience Matters because you do not know you hit ground until its too late.

Cal Haupt, Chairman and CEO, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc Phone: 770-279-0222

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Discussion about Innovation & Adaptation - Cal Haupt

Technology evolution provides consumers with a choice on how they apply and partners with real & fast 15 minute approvals through innovative systems like GooRu.

Client's do business with a mortgage company the way they want, not how you want them to apply.

Realtors and Partners need to know their clients are approved prior to showing homes.  Southeast Mortgage provides the client and the Real Estate Professional with the technology they need and want.  The days of calling an Originator, waiting for a call back, waiting for the client to give the Originator the information, and then getting a pre-approval in day or two is the past. 

GooRu approves clients in 15 minutes.  Not Pre-qualify, GooRu approves right in the Partners Office or from the Client's Mobile Device by verifying with the IRS, Banks, and Credit Repositories providing a full AUS decision. Phone: 770-279-0222

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Organic Growth Explained - Cal Haupt

Balancing client need and a Licensed Originator's career is critical to sustainable success and organic growth.

If you have experienced a decline in volume over the past few months, this video will explain how to grow during a slow down and avoid having to change your employer every few years.  

"25 years of success reinforces our philosophy's TRUTH." Cal Haupt, Chairman and CEO, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. Phone: 770-279-0222

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sustainable Strategy Explained

For those that experienced mortgage company transition or sought refuge in a bank during 2008-2009, this is how to enjoy the next recession and grow through it. Phone: 770-279-0222