Friday, April 13, 2018

Who is your Pilot?

In today's world too many people focus on the external cues, flashy exterior, specifications "Loan Production" "National Rankings" and not who is in charge of your career's flight.

At the end of the day or the end or your career, is your CEO or Leadership team going to deliver you safely to your desired retirement destination.  A great Plane is only as good as the Pilot and Co-Pilot flying it.  My Advice:  Ensure you are not stuck on the tarmac and are in the air with a Team at the controls that has your destination as their focus.

If you are in your 40's or 50's, time is of the essence.  The US has been in a recovery longer than normal, so ensure your company is committed to mortgage origination when volume slows in your Market.  Southeast Mortgage does one thing "Mortgage Origination" and has navigated 3 recessions with great success!  Has your company?  Plan now before you have to. 

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

SEM Review: Donna G. Steakley, Director of Sales, O’Dwyer Properties

Referral Letter for Southeast Mortgage

To whom it may concern:

In my 25 years in the Real Estate industry, I have never worked with a more efficient, loyal,” make it happen”, mortgage company as I have with Southeast Mortgage. There are too many wonderful examples to mention, but I will try to name the top five reasons to only use Southeast Mortgage for your home loan needs:

1.         They tell you and your buyer the truth even it is not fun to hear. Their goal is to get your home closed and setting the right expectations to get everyone to the ultimate finish line; closing.

2.        They have resources to close most loans by understanding their clients’ needs and are creative with the different income scenarios that are presented to them; they take the time to figure out how to let their client obtain their dream home.

3.         They are available at all hours and weekends for their clients; Southeast Mortgage understands work schedules, family priorities, etc.; they will work around your schedule.

4.        They will work with buyers who have goals to buy but are not quite ready. Southeast will work with buyers and put them on the “dream to own” plan to help them get their finances in order to purchase a home in the future.

5.        The most impressive attribute about Southeast mortgage is that you talk to real people, not a customer service representative that knows nothing about you; they are local, so you can meet with them in person; the clients always come first at Southeast Mortgage.

I met Shaun Graham for the first time at a closing. He represented Southeast Mortgage and the closing was perfect. He did not try to sell me on Southeast, he was very humble, he did not need to sell me; the closing and happy customers were proof enough of how great this wonderful mortgage company is, in this very volatile industry.

Donna G. Steakley
Director of Sales
O’Dwyer Properties       

Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.
Phone: 770-279-0222

Monday, March 26, 2018

1993 - 2018 "25 Years"

With 2018, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. celebrates its 25th anniversary serving the Trust of its Clients and Referral Partners.

From 2 people to 200+, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. has grown one client at a time and one certification at a time.  Today we are the largest Non-Bank Mortgage Lender in Georgia and are proudly growing our footprint in Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, and Mississippi. 

Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc., SEM, is a Georgia Corporation owned by 32 Shareholders.  Our Shareholders along with our Fantastic Employees have grown SEM to the strong dynamic company it is today.
2018 Southeast Mortgage Officers

“I could not be more proud of what our team has accomplished and their loyalty to a common belief.  Their belief and dedication has expanded our Shareholder list with future Shareholders making a difference every day.  We have created a safe performance based workplace that provides a path to retirement, ownership, and financial security for our whole Team.  Hard to believe its been 25 years!  I have enjoyed every day of it. 
With GooRu and the innovative partner initiatives being launched, Southeast Mortgage has evolved to the Future for client experience and ability to drive buyers to our Referral Partner's projects.  I am simply in awe of our amazingly talented Team” 
Cal Haupt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

GooRu Video Preview "The Future of Origination"

GooRu is a Smart, Easy, and Efficient automation assistant created by Southeast Mortgage for our MLOs, Realtors, Builders, and home buyers.

Realtors, Builders, MLOs, and home buyers now have an Easy Fast way to get a Mortgage or provide a Mortgage with no uncertainty and updates all the way to a fast closing

We just changed the game.  Experience the Future.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Our Newest Southeast Mortgage Owners ....

At our Holiday party at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, we issued stock to 10 outstanding Mortgage Originators and 5 outstanding Operations Professionals as part of our annual awards.  I am pleased to work for these Talented Mortgage Professionals.  Those who were already owners added to their current Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. shares.  They now own part of the most valuable privately held Mortgage Company in Georgia.

As their Chairman at Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc., SEM, I am pleased our new Shareholders and all 39 Shareholders are participating in the growth at SEM.  This tradition ensures our employees have the opportunity to be an owner and benefit from what they build.  

Sales Stock Grants 2017

David Hayward, Jamie Bailey, Jerome Jackson, LaShonda Wilson, Marc Budnik, Matt Scout, Mike Gambill, Pete Peters, Todd Littlejohn, Vernon Chandler

Operations Stock Grants 2017

Bridget Brown, Lynne Jones, Paige Gardner, Randy Sims, Tracy Stephens
Well deserved and I am proud to work for them.
Cal Haupt, Chairman and CEO, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kathy Gyselinck - Chief Operating Officer at Southeast Mortgage

Kathy Gyselinck, Executive Vice President at Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc., was promoted to Chief Operating Officer at Southeast Mortgage Saturday night at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta during the Annual Christmas Party.

"I have worked with Kathy since the early 90s starting at Barnett Bank.  When I first met her, she was pregnant with Molly who is now our Marketing Manager at Southeast Mortgage, SEM.  Kathy is formally trained in credit analysis, business lending, consumer lending, 6/63, Bank Operations and is a past Regional Bank Manager overseeing all aspects of a large region.  In 1993, Kathy and her husband Jimmy were at the table when I typed the first Southeast Mortgage Application and prepared the package for submission to the investor.  Since then Kathy has had a hand in many of the evolutions at SEM.  If we needed something done, she was the go to person.  With our launch of the Game Changing GooRu channel, she possessed the in depth knowledge required to adapt to the surge of volume as we move into 2018.  Kathy is a long time friend of mine, a respected colleague, and one of the largest Shareholders at SEM.  I personally am very proud of what she has accomplished and our team could not be more supportive."  Cal Haupt, Chairman and CEO, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

GooRu is here...

It has been 2 years in process to design and integrate the Mortgage Origination Game Changer we call GooRu.  One more roll out to our team and their families and its live for our Team, Partners, and Client's to enjoy!

Cal Haupt, Chairman & CEO
Loan Originators and Home Buyers will see what easy really means and our Clients, MLOs, and Partners will all be informed every step of the way.

If you buy your airline tickets online or book hotels online GooRu is your channel with the expertise of a Licensed Mortgage Originator to provide the trusted competent advice you need.

The future is now!