Thursday, December 7, 2017

Origination Game Changer is Coming....

Southeast Mortgage held its 13th annual Officer Luncheon and 2018 Strategic Plan Launch with its 32 Officers in attendance.
Cal Haupt, Kathy Gyselinck, JD Crowe
GooRu and the game changing MLO origination Platform supported by its best in class Mortgage Application Tracking App was the center of attention.

Taking Applications at Point of Sale, Instant Approvals, Asset Verification and Income Verification all without additional documentation in most cases.  SEM's best in class CRM that keeps MLOs in front of their clients for 5 years after the close is also incorporated in our one device solution.  Access your clients any time with unique messaging to develop business.  One click and you can update your client base with your message.

Clients, Partners, Realtors, and MLOs will stay informed real time via SEM's Award Winning mobile App.

MLOs with these innovative automation tools will be the future.

"We have been developing this concept for two years.  I do not believe the MLO can be taken out of the equation like Quicken and a few other automation channels attempt to do; however, I do believe there are significant efficiencies we can pick up with automation.  Our task was to make the application process EASY for our MLOs and keep all parties updated on the progress of a file real time.  The Solution we are launching this month exceeded my expectation and will expedite the application process eliminating redundancy and uncertainty for all.  This will Amaze our MLOs, Partners, Clients, and will Change the Game in Mortgage Origination."  Cal Haupt, Chairman, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

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