Friday, January 17, 2014

Every Successful Business has and can benefit from Green-Eyed Monsters

Every Successful Business has and can benefit from Green-Eyed Monsters

I was watching the movie RUSH which is the story of two formula one race car drivers with two differing styles and skills that desire the same outcome.  Throughout the movie various nefarious attacks were made to slow down a more skilled competitor until the covetous character realized having a competitor to chase actually made him a better competitor despite his arrogance.

In business history, this type of relationship has created some of our most iconic businesses known to the modern economy.

Even if you take the benevolent approach to business, business history is full of baseless malice and invidious behavior by individuals against innovative successful companies.  Fortunately, the envious actors do not realize their behavior is a great team building exercise for the company they covet. 

Being the focal point of a Green-Eyed Monster has its benefits:

Ø  Makes your team more resilient and a stronger company to serve its clients.

Ø  Points out potential risk prior to incurring the cost in a real scenario

Ø  Provides free advertising via social gossip “As long as they talk about you, it is good for business”

Ø  When a competitor or their agent talks about you, that means you are making a difference.  When grapevine or twisted stories is their only tool, your strategy has merit.  Keep up the good work.

In RUSH you have two individuals competing with different skill sets, thus their options are limited due to the individual nature of their career.  In business especially the Mortgage Industry, we are fortunate that we can develop the skill that is coveted in the team. 

In the mortgage industry, we have a choice as to how we compete.  If the CEO, Owner, or Principal derives their identity from their ego it will drive the Green-Eyed Monster behavior.  Strengths and weaknesses have to be viewed objectively and egos should be checked in the interest of the team.  Ego or self-interest drives invidious agendas and prevents the team from rising to a higher level of service and competition. 

Unlike RUSH, build a team that can develop the strength that is coveted or will help your team serve your clients better.  There is only one seat in a formula one race car; however, there are unlimited seats of opportunity in benevolent companies with great people who are valued and share a common goal.

Embrace the Green-Eyed Monsters you meet during your career.  They are your biggest fan.  They point out new opportunity that can grow your business and or perfect your strategy.
Cal Haupt
Chief Executive Officer
Southeast Mortgage

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