Sunday, December 18, 2016

“BREAKTHROUGH” Stock Issuance Program - Southeast Mortgage

Top 10  Southeast Mortgage Originators are issued Common Stock “BREAKTHROUGH” Incentive Program

“Our MLO’s and Operations Specialists are key members of our Team and create equity for shareholders.  As a result, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc., SEM, believes in sharing the wealth created with its employees.  Today, our 34 shareholders are originators and operations specialists.”  Cal Haupt, Chairman and CEO

In a surprise announcement at the Annual Christmas Party at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta on 12/14/2016, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. announced their top 10 originators and issued each of them a common stock* grant valued on 12/7/2016 at $149,780.  In addition, 9 Operations employees were issued stock for exceptional execution of SEM's Service Goals.

Each year going forward, the top originators and operations specialists at SEM will be awarded shares (ownership) in Southeast Mortgage.

“SEM is now owned by 34 shareholders and shares ownership with employees that facilitate the growth of our company.  Unlike the many Mortgage Company LLCs with a few partners, SEM, a Georgia Corporation, has always had a core belief that everyone who contributes significant value to the company should share in the wealth it creates.  This is a unique opportunity for the best of the best MLOs and Operations Professionals to share in the equity they help create.  To my knowledge, this is a first in our industry and the right thing to do!” Cal Haupt, Chairman and CEO
* subject to certain conditions

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