Friday, August 3, 2018

2 or 33 - Put the odds in your favor

If you had to choose a TEAM to compete with that would give you the best chance to win and share in the rewards of success, what is your logical choice.

Choices (Click for Definition)
A.    2   LLC Members
B.         Family Owned Business
C.  33   Shareholders that Share a Common Vision

If it were a basketball game, who would probably win?
If it were a dodge ball game, who would probably win?
If it were a baseball game, who would probably win?
When you have to compete in the Mortgage Industry?

Employee ownership has its benefits.  It is hard to compete with a large team that possesses a diverse skill set that has a passion to be the best.

Can you join the LLC?  NO
Can you join the Family?  NO
If there is no path to ownership or being a part of ownership, what does that say about the value placed on your contribution to the LLC or somebody's family.  Are you really part of the TEAM? 

Choose you, Choose your Family, Choose

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