Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SEM TEAM begins comment period of Floor Plan's for their Awesome New Headquarters and Operations Center

The Southeast Mortgage TEAM is now commenting on the new Headquarters / Operations Center / Work Balance Floor Plans to ensure we have all the amenities and functionality in our 31,000 square foot facility.  Every opinion matters and we have already added some cool amenities not thought of.

The Video / Photo Studio has been increased and modified to shoot video for our partners on site and the massive fish tank's location has now been determined to relocate our swimming tenants. 

The fitness room is slated for a host of UHDTVs,  2 Octane Machines, 2 water rowers, 2 LeMonds Incline Bikes, 2 Tread Mills, YOGA,  and Weight stations.

Other amenities will be relaxation pods, bocce ball / putting green, ping pong, pool, and other competitive team building games.

The entry will be something never seen in at Mortgage Company.

Amazing space for an Amazing TEAM to provide Amazing Service to our Amazing Clients and Referral Partners.

Cal Haupt

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