Monday, May 23, 2016

Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. to Open a New 31,000 sq ft MAX Operations Center in Georgia

I am pleased to announce, Southeast Mortgage's new Corporate and Operations Center in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia. 

We will begin the build out and preparation of our new 31,000 square foot facility immediately.  We expect to occupy September 1, 2016.

The Expanded & Re-Designed Corporate / Operations Center will host all of Gwinnett Operations, Client Relationship Management, Executives, Fitness Center and other Wellness and Life Balance amenities.

This site is located at Pleasant Hill Road and I-85.  The space will provide the platform for our continued rapid growth and will reflect our industry leading innovations in the delivery of Awesome service to our Clients and Realtor / Builder partners.

 Although I have mixed emotions about leaving the memories and comfort of Club Drive, the foundation that created Georgia’s #1 Georgia Based Non-Bank Lender since 1993, it is time to turn the page and triple our capability and capacity.  Our success and innovation, now requires a new facility that facilitates our growth and will enhance our TEAMs balance with work, family, and health. 

I will post a floor plan at Club Drive on the 2nd floor for each department to review and make notes.  The floor plan will only be for the 4th floor in that the 3rd floor will be dedicated to life balance initiatives.  This is our space and I want everyone's opinion to ensure our space design fits all our points of view and preferences.

Cal Haupt
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.
Serving our Client’s Trust since 1993

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