Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rare Opportunity to get the best Mortgage Rates in US History 9-24-2011

Due to Operation Twist by the US Federal Reserve, a unique opportunity exists for consumers.  The operation pushed mortgage rates down to historic levels.  You can now take advantage of the lowest mortgage rates in US Mortgage History to refinance or buy the home you have been dreaming of.  The market will equalize so check out your options before it is too late.  With low closing costs and the option to have your closing costs paid, makes this choice easy.  If you can save 75 basis points (.75%) on your rate call today and we can have you saving money in 8 days.  Call 770-279-0222 or visit .  All our Mortgage Loan Officers are licensed to provide you competent advice that you can trust.  Always ensure your mortgage loan officer meets the government's minimum requirements at  .

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