Thursday, March 23, 2017

Recent Retiree List (The Ultimate Career Done Well)

Jason Hultgren gave me a copy of the MBAG Gold Award List that SEM participated in for the first time in our history thanks to J. D. Crowe's support.  A great group of mortgage professionals with huge volumes that consistently earn this recognition year after year.  Other than a wonderful MBAG award, are these talented Originators awarded stock in their company or made a Member of their Company's LLC Operating agreement? 

I always ask myself, do they share in the wealth they build for their owners? 
Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you have a path to retire that includes equity in the company you help create?  If you can only rely on what you save from your 30 - 120 bps per deal, you need to re-think how you will retire.

2. Have you worked hard only to start over again when your company sold or left your market?  Did they cut you a check when they sold?

3. If you do not act now to explore a path to retire, what will you do if mortgage delivery channels change before you have saved enough?  The company will benefit but will technology reduce your compensation?

I admire loyalty and friendship (SEM has the longest tenure and tenure of key people in the industry thanks to a Village view of loyalty); however, it is a two way street.  Solidify your family's future longer than a month out. 

Do your Career Right
I would love to see a section in the MBAG Gold Award Brochure that lists the latest retirees and celebrate Careers Done Well....  Everyone has a finite time and a finite market to originate.  Need to plan today!

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