Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is any sales organization not hiring?

Is any sales organization not hiring?

Do you ever see those "Now Hiring" "Looking for MLOs" posts on LinkedIn and other social media?  Is a sales organization ever not hiring?  We are all hiring all the time.  The quality of hire is the only differentiating factor.  It's better to hire few quality producers than a bunch of roster padders.

Sales organizations are always hiring and the simple math is outside of Family Health Benefits, 401K Match, and allocated overhead; investing in an additional sales professional hire is always prudent if your organization has the operational capability / capacity and resources to support them.  GOOD Sales Professionals are incremental to revenue.  If the hiring organization has not balanced capacity to close with hiring activity, both the current sales people and new hires experience reduced service and productivity.  Honesty is crucial to ensure sales professionals evolve their career and not hurt their success.

I know many in social media land who know what they are doing scratch their head when they see these posts; however, I wonder about those posting them.  It is a given and everyone knows talented sales people will be welcomed as long as they do not bring negative traits that could diminish the philosophy or service of an organization.

Sales people look for stability and a company that will enable their ability to produce and cultivate their current book of business.  Sales people seek out great companies based on their perception they can grow their business or advancement opportunity is available.

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