Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Great Service Matters - You deserve Southeast Mortgage

Service and fast accurate closings are the key to earning Realtor's business.  Word of mouth recommendations referencing real life experience
is why Southeast Mortgage is the largest non-bank lender in Georgia
If you cannot close in 15 days, call us at 770-279-0222.  We can help.

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Good Morning Cal,

I had a closing just in time yesterday afternoon that resulted in just that. Sitting at the closing table with a realtor I don’t know as the listing agent, she kept crowing about how fast this closing was and could she have my cards to work with me in the future. The Seller was just as excited. The fact that my client delayed getting me documents for the past two weeks had no bearing for them as we closed in 30 days and on the day we said we would. The Seller has a closing today and the person selling her that home has one on Wednesday so Kudos to our Operations Team in making this happen and keeping 3 dreams alive.


Wharton Smith

Branch Manager, Duluth Office @ NAMAR
NMLS# 185993 GA MLO#26025
Southeast Mortgage
NMLS 103956
770-279-0222 ext 438 office
800-344-8788 ext 438 toll free
770-279-9141 Fax


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