Thursday, June 21, 2012

Joe and Todd discuss why they joined Southeast Mortgage leaving the Big Bank

Joe Wargo - Reveals why he left the Big Bank to join Southeast Mortgage: He was tired of not getting loans closed and he just wanted to "get things done." After investigating for himself, he discovered Southeast's proprietary system really provides what the mortgage loan customer is looking for: a quality customer service experience.

Todd Sheppard - Discusses why his move from a Large Bank to Southeast Mortgage is allowing him to provide great service to his clients again.  Todd was licensed and taking applications in 30 days with the service his client's deserve and an extra 100 bps in his pocket.

The large bank Todd Sheppard worked at was letting his clients down, turning away homeowners he knew should have been approved and unable to handle 30, 45, even 60-day contacts. As his Realtors began to turn to Southeast Mortgage, so did he.
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