Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Southeast Mortgage Economic Outlook and Mission Statement 2012

Economic Outlook
2012 will be a strong post-recessionary year with favorable rates.
Driver 1 - Consumer confidence is recovering with an improving job environment, pending election, and rising stock values. 
Driver 2 - Property values will rise due to supply and demand.  There is a shrinking inventory with increasing consumer demand from pent up lifecycle needs.
SEM has created a state of the art platform for 2012 designed to give MLOs and Operations the most efficient mortgage delivery system available.  With significant capacity and scalability SEM can close 10 times current application volume with a 8-15 day close.  Our Client Relationship Management Team will ensure referrals grow with the best post closing support in the business.

Southeast Mortgage Mission Statement
Serving our client’s trust by providing fast competent service with a Licensed Mortgage Origination Team supported by the best Operations Team in Georgia.  8-Day Close is our Standard!
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