Monday, November 28, 2011

Life's journey needs a good map and trusted advice - Southeast Mortgage

2012 - Housing is a part of life.  Consistent and reliable advice is a must during this journey.  Southeast Mortgage client's avoid mortgage product pitfalls.

Southeast Mortgage was organized in 1993 as an alternative to Banks and Brokers / Correspondents in the mortgage industry.  Our focus has always been on conforming and FHA products that finance housing during client’s life cycle.  We focus on providing a fast and pleasant mortgage experience at the lowest possible cost.

Many of our clients have been working with us since inception relying on good advice that protects them during good times and bad.  We have never chased sub-prime, reverse mortgages, etc. as many of our competitors have.  We primarily focus on the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA product types.  This product group encompasses 90% or today’s market and we can consistently close in 8 – 15 days.

We are committed to providing clients competent mortgage advice from NMLS Licensed Mortgage Loan Officers.  By providing best in class service and safety for our clients has made us the largest Non-Bank Mortgage Lender in Georgia. Our goal is to provide clients the mortgage that fits their family's needs based on their current situation. We are the Direct Lender you can Trust with the Service you deserve.

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Cal Haupt
President and CEO

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