Wednesday, February 24, 2016

People are meant to work together...

Periodically I see these Ant pictures on social media.  This morning it seemed more meaningful to me in that I saw why SEM always adapts to new regulations and challenges and makes them a permanent strength.  Although SEM employs 160+, we function as a TEAM and together build bridges for others to cross.  We do this as a culture knowing our bridges will be there when a teammate needs one.

During my many years in the Mortgage Industry, I have seen a lot  of solo people who rely on nobody except themselves.  Or they follow flash that attracts more solo players.  A group is not a team until they care about a common goal and share a common belief.  We are all humans and I could not imagine they share that philosophy in their personal life.  We all need people to rely on and know they have our back.  Happy times you need to high five and stressful times you need a sounding board.  That's a team.  That is why SEM's turnover rate is the lowest in the business and many of us have been together 20+ years.

The reason Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc. is one of the very few Mortgage Companies that has survived 3 recessions (profitable in every month since inception) with the same name and ownership is due to our ability to build bridges over any adversary or economic event.  We build strong bridges that survive the test of time.

Cal Haupt
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

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