Saturday, January 23, 2016

Testimonial - Awesome Service Creates More Clients for Builders and Realtors

"Adding value back to our Builders and Realtors is why we focus on Awesome Service one client at a time.  We do not focus on doing more loans than everyone else, we focus on creating new clients for our Builders and Realtors from providing their Clients Awesome Service who refer their friends and family.  Organic word of mouth growth is sustainable in economic expansion cycles and contraction.  We are not here to be Average, We are here to be Awesome!"  Kathleen, Ben, and Wilson Parker Homes exemplify that belief as attested by our client.

Cal Haupt
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

From: Paula Worthy
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2016 5:13 PM
To: Kathleen Westbrook
Cc: Ben Richardson
Subject: Re: Clear to Close


Words fail me at this moment. You have exceeded my every expectation!!! You provided outstanding customer service and support, and made me feel as though I were your only client. I have purchased several houses in my lifetime, this is the first purchase were I felt I had little to do and my lifelong friends were doing all the work for me.

You always made yourself available to me, even after hours. Candice always showed courtesy and love, and Adrian was like the big brother with the calm guidance. Let me not forget my awesome Realtor, Ben Richardson. This man knew what I was thinking, wanted to know, and researched answers before I asked the questions! He knew what I was thinking, feeling, and wanted in a home despite the words coming out of my mouth. God gave me the greatest blessing by putting you all together to work for my good in this home purchase. 

You all worked tirelessly and wonderfully to bring me to this magnificent end and I am eternally grateful for you all, as a cohesive team and individually. 

If anyone ever asked for help in purchasing a home, my first words will be BEN RICHARDSON (Harry Norman) and KATHLEEN WESTBROOK (Southeast Mortgage)!!! Every person who graces my home will know Candice and Adrian are the greatest team Wilson Parker Homes have. 

Thank you all for bringing me to and through this awesome transition in my life. I expect to see every one of you at my home warming, for you are all a part of my home. 

Home is where your heart is, and you all are a permanent part of my heart. 

Paula Worthy

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