Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Mentor's Advice and The School of Hard Knocks by Cal Haupt

These are a few of the principles I live by.  They were acquired from the advice and guidance of my many wonderful Mentors through the years and some from the school of hard knocks.  Sharing my journey may help others as it has served me well.

How to avoid an Average Outcome:

Never drive in Traffic
Never get on a crowded elevator

Volunteer when others run for safety

Do a little extra than required to complete a task

Buy when others sell

Sell when others buy

Euphoria should make you nervous

Pessimism is opportunity

Never follow the crowd

Make your decisions based on your own criteria and objectives

Road less traveled is usually more productive

Draw your own opinion rather than borrow someone else’s

Cal Haupt
Chairman and CEO
Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

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