Friday, July 11, 2014

Success is a TEAM Activity

When you look at the biography of sales people who are successful in their careers over a long period of time, they all have one common denominator, they were part of a cohesive, diverse skilled, and mission focused TEAM. 

Although humans tend to self-preserve and put their own and family's needs first, in business it takes a village to sustain scale and income growth. 

One person only has 24 hours a day, X amount of energy, and typically cannot master all skills in business.  There is no doubt self focused people can be successful in their career, the issue is their success is limited to their individual resources and health. 

Although I can individually sell with the best of them, I have never wanted to sell without a TEAM.  In Banking and in the Mortgage Industry, I have always ensured I had a caring competent TEAM with diverse skills around me.  There is no better feeling or more fun than working with people who care about each other and respect the trust required to support the TEAM's overall success and continued growth.  As a result, the TEAM provides you and your family with safety and stability. 

A sales person that has to make sales calls, follow up with clients, process loans, handle the inevitable client or Realtor Issue, close loans, and stay in touch with clients and Realtors after the closing has a daunting task and tends to be too much for any one person.  Something has to be forgone in this scenario given time, energy, and skill create restraints to incremental success. 

Less time with your family, Not Staying in touch with past clients and Realtors, and that one issue that takes up a whole day putting you further behind are the accumulated limiter to scaling the income from a large referral base of Realtors and closed happy Clients.  What if this sales person gets sick or disabled?  Who will step up during difficult times?  The one constant in life is the unexpected always happens.  There is a reason commercial airplanes have two engines.  Redundancy matters. 

To truly maximize a sales career, the most efficient and successful path is to be part of a TEAM or a Village that has one common goal and belief system.  With this mentality, a person’s career can scale up due to complimentary resources supporting the individual’s efforts.  With a TEAM, a sales person can rely on competent processing, underwriting, closing, and Client Relationship Management to provide great experiences for Clients and Realtors while staying in front of them for years of consistent growing referrals and applications.  A TEAM focused sales person has 75% of their time to develop more business, provide more personalized service, and time to spend with their family or go see their kids play sports.  If the TEAM sales person gets sick or has another hardship, they have a TEAM of people supporting them and maintaining their pipeline and closings.  This ensures their income from years of referral growth and their family is protected. 

My life experience has taught me individual success is not mutually exclusive from TEAM success.  Individual scalable results (more results with less effort over time) can only be achieved through a TEAM approach.  TEAM really means TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE.   

Cal Haupt
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

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