Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Great Service REQUIRES 360 degree Accountability

Many ask how we close in 8 days.  Many ask why Southeast Mortgage grows without the normal TV ads, Radio Spots etc.  Many ask how Southeast Mortgage is earning market share in Georgia.  Consumers and Realtors who rely on Southeast Mortgage for their mortgage needs know?

My answer has been consistent since 1993, 
GREAT SERVICE.  Not just to the Client or the Realtor but from the Operations Unit to the Mortgage Loan Originator, MLO.  Southeast Mortgage surveys every loan closing by asking the Client how the MLO serviced their request and the MLO about how the Processor and Operations handled their application.

360 degree accountability ensures Great Service and is fundamental building block of Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

"The Consumer, Realtor, and Mortgage Loan Originator deserve Great Service!"

Cal Haupt, Chief Executive Officer & President, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

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