Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 is off to a strong start in Georgia.....

Cal Haupt
President & CEO
January 2012 is continuing the strong growth in mortgage closings from December 2011. Our year over year 60% increase confirms the recovery is underway.

The growth is a classic post recessionary recovery confirmed by increasing consumer confidence, 10% higher home values in Georgia, gains in equity markets (stocks), and lower unemployment.

In addition, we are hearing many Real Estate Companies are experiencing a 40% - 50% increase in January contracts. Historically December, January, and February are the slower months in the Real Estate Industry. The end of 2011 and our current experience in 2012 are setting new records even when compared to the normal peak months.

Due to the depth and length of the recent recession, we expect a recovery in housing that exceeds previous post recessionary periods.

Southeast Mortgage spent 4th Quarter of 2011 building 10 times more mortgage closing capacity to meet demand. As demand grows, Southeast Mortgage will continue to deliver 8-15 day closes through its competent licensed Mortgage Originators. Our core belief and preparation for the tremendous growth ahead is focused on service while providing our Real Estate Agents and client's a great experience.

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