Saturday, December 8, 2012

Anatomy of a Successful Licensed Mortgage Originator Transition

I believe historical evidence is the best way to forecast a business or set a strategic direction.  For those Non-Licensed Mortgage Loan Originators or those Great Sales People who want a better career or a more rewarding product, Brent’s story, like so many before him, is inspirational and gives others empirical evidence to make important choices for their career.  In 6 months, Brent was producing with the best in the industry and in most cases earning more as a Licensed Mortgage Originator at Southeast Mortgage, SEM.

Brent Brownlee, Licensed Mortgage Originator

Background:  3 years as a sales professional at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

No Prior Experience in the Mortgage Industry

Employer: Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.  770-279-0222

Brent's Timeline

4/27/12  NMLS 20-hour class:
5/8/12    NMLS Test Date (Federal and GA) - 7 working days   
6/4/12    Georgia MLO License Submitted DBF
6/21/12  Georgia MLO License Approval      - 13 working days
7/2/12    Origination Start Date                    -  5  working days
8/2012   First Loan Closed                          - 20 working days 
11/12     Orig Volume:           2,068,572  
                                               $21,720 – $26,891 monthly Income

8/12 – 11/12 Avg Orig Vol     1,010,917 or  4,043,668 (4 mos)
Brent is currently calling on 20 real estate agents, 7 financial planners, 5 life insurance agents, 2 CPAs and participates in 2 networking groups

Brent’s 2013 Strategy session & plan with his Mentor at Southeast Mortgage is designed to close $2MM / month or ($21,720 – 26,891 monthly Income).  My bet is he exceeds his plan.

What is Brent’s secret to success?  Brent had no preconception about what he should or should not do in the mortgage business.  He listened to his mentor and tenaciously used SEM's broad based hunting strategy in a consistent manner.  He trusted his operational support to get his deals closed.  And they did - FAST.

Brent did not worry about product or price; he just listened to the client’s needs and fit the correct product and priced at market the day the client signed.  His clients were happy with the fast close and the referring Realtors looked good for providing their clients with a Licensed Mortgage Originator that got them in a home fast with the right mortgage.  Great Service creates organic growth through referrals for both SEM and Realtor Partners. 

“Great service and Brent’s dedication to being a Super Mortgage Originator has solidified the Brownlee family's financial future and provided a stable career and bright future at Southeast Mortgage.”

Cal Haupt – President & Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Mortgage of Georgia, Inc.

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Robert Nolan said...

Cal Haupt: Great story. After ten years originating I decided to learn how to use my experiences in lending and sales to help LO's build relationships with Realtors. It's all about the systems, the personalities and the willingness to learn, sounds like you and your company subscribe to the same philosophy. Have a great 2013. Robert Nolan, IvyStone Consulting Group