Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SEM the Cat has passed away ....

We are all saddened by the passing of our processing mascot, little buddy, master of pest control, and his last responsibility as Morale Director in Operations.  SEM was also our Twitter spokes CAT on @semkitty www.southeastmortgage.com/twitter .

SEM was a stray full grown cat that hung around our Club Drive Facility in 1998.  He was neutered so he had been with a family prior to becoming a stray.  Over the years, he became more familiar with the people at Club and allowed us to approach and feed him.  SEM was a very good hunter who liked to bring his day's bounty to the door so we could see his skill.

SEM lived in the roof vent on top of Club Drive building A for many years.  A family of raccoons decided they would be better suited to his home and ganged up on SEM causing a serious head wound.  Becky, SEM's keeper and health advisor, always took good care of him.  She rushed SEM to the doctor who advised that he needed to stay inside due to his brain injury.
We converted the 2nd floor of Building A to become his new home where he resided for many years until his death.  Becky would bring him to processing in the morning and take him to his room at night.  In processing he maintained a routine of visiting everyone during the day.  At least twice a day he enjoyed his long walks around our two acre complex remembering his more youthful adventures.  When finished with his walks he would sit on the window sill to be let back in.
SEM will be missed and was a special member of the Southeast Mortgage family.

SEM will be buried this week at Club Drive.

In lieu of flowers, please support The Human Society http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/cats/ .

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Amy Coile said...

Grieving in Athens. SEM sure was lovable. Us Dawgs will miss seeing SEM on our visits to corporate. 8(.